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International certification


The company's products have received this certification
"CE"Logo is a safety certification mark, is regarded as the manufacturer to open and enter the European market passport. Those labeled "CE" logo products can be in the EU domestic sales, each member state's request, thus realizing the goods in the EU member states within the free circulation。 

The company in 2001; ISO-9001 (2000 EDITION) ISO9001 certificate, standard management and Quality Assurance Technology Committee (TC176) quality management and quality assurance standards promulgated in 1987, is expected in 2009 April TC176 will find the latest version of the standard 2008. ISO9001 quality management system is a design / development, production, installation and service quality assurance model。 

Has achieved NI-MH series battery and UL battery NI-CD certificate。
ULEnglish underwriter Test Institute(Underwriter Laboratories Inc.)Shorthand。ULSafety testing is the United States the most authoritative, but also in the community engaged in safety testing and identification of the larger non-governmental organizations. It is an independent, non-profit, professional organization for public safety. It is mainly engaged in product safety certification and business security certification business, the purpose is to get a fairly safe level of the market for the goods, to ensure the health and property safety is guaranteed to make contributions。 
 4.RBRCCertification company joined the organization in 2002
Rechargeable battery recycling Organization (RBRC) is an international non-profit public service organization established by the rechargeable power industry. The purpose of RBRC is to promote applications such as mobile phones, portable cameras, recycling nickel cadmium battery electric tools of many consumer goods by public education activities RBRC and battery recycling program is rechargeable power industry to conserve natural resources and prevent the harmful battery as the embodiment of the solid waste out of society。  5.RoHSAuthentication

(Restriction of HazardousSubstances,RoHS instruction)
The company has started in August 2005 to implement the European Union on the battery Act (98/101/EEC) does not contain hazardous substances standards of control requirements, and according to the requirements of QC080000 to establish a sound management practices。
RoHS认证(Restriction of HazardousSubstances,RoHS instruction),Is a new certification service CQC to help companies deal with the EU's "restrictions on the use of toxic and Hazardous Substances Directive" and the timely introduction of a new。  6.GSAuthentication

The company may request the customer to provide product certification
The meaning of GS is German"Geprufte Sicherheit"(security has been certified),There is also the meaning of "Safety Germany" (German security). GS certification to the German product safety law (SGS) as the basis, in accordance with the European Union standard EN or the German industrial standard DIN testing of a voluntary certification, the European market is recognized by the German security certification mark。

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