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R & D Center

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Introduction of R & D Center

        R & D center Ming Yida company was established in September 2002, consists of a research department, technical department, customer service center. R & D center member of a total of 62 people, including 3 master's, college graduates 59 engineering and technical personnel。

  Research on the basic research and development of new products for rechargeable batteries. At present, the development of high capacity, high rate, high rate, high temperature, low temperature, low temperature discharge, low self discharge battery and so on were carried out successfully. Maintenance and improvement of the existing production process。


  R & D center has a test center, experimental center, experimental production center. The test center has two professional battery performance testing device, including two battery cycle life test cabinet, resistance tester, 30A high rate test cabinet, 40A cabinet, high rate test of high and low temperature test box (-40 -150 OC), fire test device, vibration testing machine, impact test, drop test device a variety of battery testing equipment. Experimental center equipped with complete facilities, advanced testing equipment, can be carried out on the basis of electrochemical studies, materials characterization and analysis of high precision components. Test production center can be a small amount of rechargeable battery production。

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