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Reliability laboratory

A brief introduction of test reliability: so far, the accessibility of products have passed GB/T 18287 - 2000 "cell phone use lithium-ion battery general specification", "miner's lamp for lithium ion batteries," QC/T 743— "2006 electric road vehicles using lithium ion battery", UL, CE Standard Test and obtain the relevant certificate. Each batch of Ming Yida produced the battery after storage, the QA department will from random sampling 10 ~ 30, reliable test, including overcharge, overdischarge, thermal shock, acupuncture, extrusion, high temperature properties, cycle life and other destructive test. The purpose of the extension of the stability and safety of the product control and confirmation, complete the design of — control — verification of the quality management circle. Electrochemical performance test, mechanical property test, electric core safety performance test, battery pack performance test.

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  Electrochemical performance test                                                                                                    Mechanical property test


Electric core safety performance test

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